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Alternative forms[edit]


man-bun (plural man-buns)

  1. (informal) The bun hairstyle when worn by a man or boy.
    • 2015, Dreda Say Mitchell, Death Trap:
      The woman – more a girl really – was white, with short, electric-blue dreads, and the man's face was buried beneath the duvet with only his hair visible – one of those man-buns that some of the young white guys were sporting nowadays.
    • 2016, Jasinda Wilder, Alpha One Security: Harris:
      Little girls love him. I don't get it. He swept his black A1S ball cap off his head, revealing his ginger undercut man-bun hair—fucking man-buns, man, fucking stupid—and plopped the hat on Cleo's head. It slid down and covered her face.

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