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management +‎ -ese


managementese (uncountable)

  1. (often derogatory) The jargon used by management.
    • 1971, Kenneth Lamott, "The Chancellor the State Colleges," Los Angeles Times, 14 Nov., p. U16:
      Even phrased as they are in Higher Managementese, these comments touch the heart of the matter.
    • 1992, William Safire, "On Language: Perotspeak," New York Times, 14 Jun. (retrieved 14 Apr. 2009):
      The uniqueness of Perotspeak is its mixture of rustic metaphor with modern managementese.
    • 2002, "Silly names for failure," Telegraph (UK), 10 Jun. (retrieved 14 Apr. 2009):
      Since February, we have been calling for the ridiculously named Consignia to change back to the good old Post Office. . . . [T]he chief executive, John Roberts, said of Consignia that it was a "modern, meaningful and entirely appropriate" name that "describes the full scope of the Post Office in a way that the words ‘post’ and ‘office’ cannot". That was clearly hogwash managementese of the worst variety.

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