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Alternative forms[edit]


From manoeuvre +‎ -ability.


manoeuvrability (countable and uncountable, plural manoeuvrabilities)

  1. (British spelling) The quality of being manoeuvrable; ability to be manoeuvred.
    Articulated buses were invented to improve the manoeuvrability of long buses capable of carrying a large number of passengers.
  2. Ability to manoeuvre; ability to carry out a manoeuvre or strategic plan.
    My manoeuvrability is limited. I don't have many options left.
    • 1967, The Illustrated London News:
      The prohibit[ed] zone cuts across the isthmus about 200 yards north of the runway; the pilot's manoeuvrability, approaching from the has been reduced by about half. The ban was announced 01 April 12, days before the Anglo-Spanish talks on ...
    • 2007, Ian Taylor, China and Africa: Engagement and Compromise:
      The desire to break away from this, to develop Zambia's economic character and increase Lusaka's manoeuvrability, thus became a guiding light of Zambian foreign policy (Anglin and Shaw, 1979; Shaw, 1976; Burdette, 1984) and has been termed 'the politics of disengagement' (Tordoff, 1977).
    • 2012, P.A. van Keep, R.B. Greenblatt, M. Albeaux-Fernet, Consensus on Menopause Research:
      This might be due to the nature of the work done, to the motivation to work or to the total burden that women in the lower socioeconomic group bear in comparison with those who are better off and have greater 'manoeuvrability'.
    • 2017, Kamlesh Choudhary, Vertical and the Organic:
      Some hated him for his attitude while others, including Shirmin, fancied his manoeuvrability and stark mannerism.