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  1. present participle of maraud


marauding (comparative more marauding, superlative most marauding)

  1. raiding and pillaging
    a marauding band
  2. (of an animal) killing in wanton fashion.
    A marauding stoat entered the rabbit warren and killed fifteen bunnies.
  3. (of an animal) killing domestic animals.
    The marauding lion jumped the fence and killed the goat.

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marauding (plural maraudings)

  1. Raiding and pillaging.
    • 1834, R Thomas, The Glory Of America (page 514)
      On the 22d, the corporation of Albany passed a vote of thanks to General Heath, for the alacrity which he had displayed in defending the northern frontiers of the state of New York against the maraudings of the enemy.