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From Ancient Greek μαστιγοφόρος (mastigophóros, whip-bearer, constable) +‎ -ic.


mastigophoric (not comparable)

  1. Carrying or wielding a whip.
    • 1896, Thomas Love Peacock, Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey, page 56:
      The remonstraces of Squire Headlong, silence the disputants, but did not mollify the inflexible Galle, nor appease the irritated Nightshade, who secretly resolved that, on his return to London, he would beat his drum in Grub Street, form a mastigophoric corps of his own, and hoist the standard of determined opposition against this critical Napoleon.
  2. (biology, of a cell) Having a flagellum.
    • 2004, Michael B. Fossel, Cells, Aging, and Human Disease, page 1980:
      Mastigophoric infections, including Giardia lamblia and Trichomonas vaginalis, are endemic and common diagnoses even in the higher socioeconomic strata of developed nations.