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Blend of mauve +‎ marvelous.


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mauvelous (plural mauvelouses)

  1. (humorous or in brand names) The color mauve, or a specific shade of mauve
    • 1949, Astounding Science-Fiction[1], volume 43, number 4, page 148:
      At any rate, it's a mauvelous cover.
    • 1987, Nichols, John F., “Clark County Report”, in Washington State Bar News[2], volume 41, Washington State Bar Association, page 35:
      Around the courthouse, things are simply “mauvelous,” as in a purple, violet or lilac color.
    • 2006 October 3, Paul, Dominique, The Possibility of Fireflies, New York: Simon Pulse, →ISBN, LCCN 2005029903, OL 3413756M, page 63:
      She is wearing the chalky pink lipstick. I am wearing the Mauvelous, and the shame shivers up around me like a sudden, unexpected chill.
    • 2010 September 1, Kandel, Johanna S., Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder: Reclaim Yourself, Regain Your Health, Recover for Good, New York: Harlequin, →ISBN, LCCN 2010002219, OL 24049658M, page 55:
      These days I am proud to say that the colors in the box of my life now include Crayola's burnt sienna, mauvelous and purple heart.
    • 2012 February 17, Rodell, Chris, Use All the Crayons!: The Colorful Guide to Simple Human Happiness, Bloomington: iUniverse, page xiv:
      Like a box of crayons, we are all born with an astounding range of color options, from Mauvelous to Tickle Me Pink.