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From mazs ‎(small, little) +‎ -ums.


mazums m (1st declension)

  1. smallness, littleness (the quality of that which is small, little)
    lielums un 'mazums — greatness and smallness
    ir brīži, sirds lielumu meklē; ir brīži, no mazuma — there are moments when the heart searches for greatness; there are (also) moments from smallness
  2. small number, volume, mass
    iet mazumā — to decrease, to diminish (lit. to go into smallness)
    ko nu viņš tur noķer, bet tāpat kādu mazumu — but what did he catch, if not only very little
  3. (used adverbially) a little
    vai mazums locījies es sirdsapziņas mokās — did I twist a little in the agony of my conscience (= remorse)?