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From mazs (small, little) +‎ -ums.


mazums m (1st declension)

  1. smallness, littleness (the quality of that which is small, little)
    lielums un mazumsgreatness and smallness
    ir brīži, sirds lielumu meklē; ir brīži, no mazumathere are moments when the heart searches for greatness; there are (also) moments from smallness
  2. small number, volume, mass
    iet mazumāto decrease, to diminish (lit. to go into smallness)
    ko nu viņš tur noķer, bet tāpat kādu mazumubut what did he catch, if not only very little
  3. (used adverbially) a little
    vai mazums locījies es sirdsapziņas mokāsdid I twist a little in the agony of my conscience (= remorse)?