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measured (comparative more measured, superlative most measured)

  1. That has been determined by measurement.
    He ran over a measured mile.
    • 1892, Walter Besant, “Prologue: Who is Edmund Gray?”, in The Ivory Gate: A Novel, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, [], OCLC 16832619, page 16:
      Athelstan Arundel walked home all the way, foaming and raging. No omnibus, cab, or conveyance ever built could contain a young man in such a rage. His mother lived at Pembridge Square, which is four good measured miles from Lincoln's Inn.
  2. Deliberate but restrained.
    He argued in measured tones.
    She answered with carefully measured caution.
    Quotation: Colores Cannon, Conversations with Nostradamus, chapter 1, page 8, This procedure was very tedious for me. Although she was definitely in a somnambulistic state, her answers were coming very slowly with carefully measured caution.
  3. (of poetry &c.) Rhythmically written in meter; metrical.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of measure