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  1. masculine singular l-participle of mesti



Known from Old Swedish midhel, middel, medhel, from Middle Low German middel, from Old Saxon middil, from Proto-Germanic *midlą.

Same as German Mittel and English middle. The stand-alone adjective is archaic, but lives on as the superlative medelst, as a prefix medel- and many related words, e.g. emellertid.


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medel n

  1. a means (to an end), a tool
    ändamålen helgar medlen
    the ends justify the means
  2. a substance, a stuff, a medium, an agent
    Ett farligt medel som Livsmedelsverket har satt en användningsgräns för.
    A dangerous substance for which the National Food Administration has set a usage limit.
  3. money, capital, funding
    med egna medel
    with one's own money, by one's own means
    Ska du söka medel för din forskning?
    Will you apply for funding for your research?
  4. a mean, an average, a centre, a middle
    att beräkna ett medelvärde
    to calculate a mean/average
    middle class


Declension of medel 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative medel medlet medel medlen
Genitive medels medlets medels medlens

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