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From Middle English medeful, equivalent to meed +‎ -ful.


meedful (comparative more meedful, superlative most meedful)

  1. Worthy of meed or reward; deserving; meritorious.
    • 1909, Edward Verrall Lucas, A wanderer in Paris:
      "On that day that S. Louis was buried," we there read, "a woman of the diocese of Sens recovered her sight, which she had lost and saw nothing, by the merits and prayers of the said debonair and meedful king.
    • 1910, Henry Pepwell, Edmund Garratt Gardner, The cell of self-knowledge:
      I say not that the naked thinking of these two thoughts is so meedful; but that reverent affection, to the which bringing in these two thoughts are sovereign means on man's party, that is it that is so meedful as I say.
    • Richard Rolle, The Fire of Love:
      By some truly it is doubted which life is more meedful and better; contemplative or active.

Derived terms[edit]