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me +‎ -ism


meism (usually uncountable, plural meisms)

  1. (colloquial) Egotism; a focus on, or obsession with, oneself.
    • 2011, Konrad McKane, Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro, p. 14:
      They teach that everyone is a separate entity, and you should look out for number one, creating a selfish meism society.
    • 2005, Christopher McEnroe, It's Only the Enemy Screaming, p. 119:
      The new hippies, most of them, were just people who didn't buy into the rampant meism we were fed as children and teenagers.
    • 2001, Beverly Potter, Jeffrey Mishlove, Matt Gouig, The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change, p. 174:
      The need to be a good team member and the propensiry toward individualism make the corporation an excellent opportunity for ronin to wrestle with the shadows of meism, opportunism, and glibness.