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mer- +‎ boy


merboy (plural merboys)

  1. A young merman.
    • 1993, Jan Carr, Arista's New Boyfriend, Disney Press (1993), →ISBN, page 19:
      When the music stopped, Arista was finally able to excuse herself, but seconds later she was caught up by yet another eager merboy. Over the course of the night, Arista danced with many merboys, []
    • 1997, Dick King-Smith, The Merman, Dell Yearling (2001), →ISBN, page 69:
      "Tell me what was happening in the world when you were a little merboy. Was there television?"
    • 2011, Tera Lynn Childs, Fins Are Forever, Katherine Tegen Books (2011), →ISBN, page 257:
      He grins like the little merboy who used to dare me to eat sea slugs.