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mer- +‎ lad


merlad (plural merlads)

  1. (fantasy) A young male merperson, male equivalent of mermaid
    • 2003, Susan K. Hamilton, Darkstar Rising, Xlibris (2003), →ISBN, page 433:
      The merlad and merlass watched the sphere for a moment and with a flick of their shiny tails, vanished again.
    • 2006, S. L. Bynum, Kalena, the Sea Princess, Lulu (2006), →ISBN, page 10:
      I have to admit, he's a handsome merlad with his beautiful brown eyes, shiny black hair, and dark brown skin, but I can't have a boyfriend.
    • 2009, Nancy Farmer, The Islands of the Blessed, Simon & Schuster (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “At first everyone was standoffish and now they're too friendly,” Thorgil complained, swiping at a merlad who was attempting to grab her hair.