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metal +‎ -ist


metallist (plural metallists)

  1. (metallurgy) a person who works with metals
  2. (economics) an advocate of metal coinage as the principal or sole currency
    No economist, with the possible exception of the most doctrinaire metallists, have ever expressed any other opinion. --American Economic Review (1938) 28, p. 316
    While not all Jacksonians were Metallists, or vice versa, the Jacksonian Metallists sought to purge the currency of small bank notes and replace them with gold and silver coins. --Exploring Economic History (1974) 11, p. 228
    The authors argue that Ricardo, unlike Marx, was no ‘metallist’, that is, he never applied the labour theory of value to the monetary metal to determine the general price level. --Economic Journal (1991) 101, p. 407
  3. A metaller: a fan of the metal music genre.

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