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From meta- +‎ structure.


metastructure (plural metastructures)

  1. A structure that describes another structure.
    • 1999, Sherryll S. Mleynek, Knowledge and Mortality: Anagnorisis in Genesis and Narrative Fiction:
      Within any novel, even the most dramatically postmodern ones, there is a metastructure of epistemological assumptions that define the narrative values of the text []
  2. (physics) A structure that has one or several properties similar to those of metamaterials
    • 2012 Christos Argyropoulos et al, "Broadband Absorbers and Selective Emitters based on Plasmonic Brewster Metasurfaces" arXiv
      We discuss the possibility of realizing utlrabroadband[sic] omnidirectional absorbers and angularly selective coherent thermal emitters based on properly patterned plasmonic metastructures.

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