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Fron mid- +‎ nightmare.


mid-nightmare (not comparable)

  1. (temporal location) During a nightmare.
    • 2006, Marion Lennox, Princess of Convenience, page 82,
      His eyes were wide and scared, as if he'd woken mid-nightmare.

Alternative forms[edit]


mid-nightmare (uncountable)

  1. The middle part of a nightmare, by implication the scariest part, with no end in prospect; the state of being in a nightmare.
    • 1904, The Spectator, Volume 92, page 537,
      [] carries us into the region of mid-nightmare, [] .
    • 2008, Rosalyn Wraight, Secrets and Sins, page 84,
      Many times, I have seen your name in the paper— the detective who solves the mysteries in this sleepy little city that sometimes awakens in mid-nightmare.
    • 2009, Derek Ciccone, Painless, page 241,
      Beth awoke Monday morning in mid-nightmare.