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millionnaire (plural millionnaires)

  1. Archaic spelling of millionaire.
    • 1858, Various, The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, Number 9, July, 1858[1]:
      The large, smooth, florid millionnaire, dreaming only of senatorial honors, the shouts of the multitude, and the adoration of a party press, cowered like a dog under the lash of the "man of society."
    • 1853, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Lucretia, Complete[2]:
      But the state of Dalibard, though prosperous, is not that of the heir to the dead millionnaire.
    • 1914, William Davenport Hulbert, Forest Neighbors[3]:
      He swallowed it, of course, and for the next five minutes he went charging up and down that pond at a great rate, followed by a green glass monster with the name of a millionnaire brewer blown in its side.



From million +‎ -aire.


millionnaire m, f (plural millionnaires)

  1. millionaire


millionnaire (plural millionnaires)

  1. Very rich

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