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mindwipe (third-person singular simple present mindwipes, present participle mindwiping, simple past and past participle mindwiped)

  1. (transitive, science fiction) To erase the memories and personality, while still leaving an intact, living brain and body. This is frequently portrayed as a form of capital punishment, which leaves an viable body into which a different personality or mind can be uploaded.
    • 2001, Jeffrey A Carver, James A Carver, Eternity's End
      Whether they were mindwiped upon their return to base, or simply terminated like useless equipment, Deutsch never knew.
    • 2006, Jeffery Klaehn, Inside the World of Comic Books
      In Adventures of Superman #636, Superman told Wonder Woman and Batman about how the League had mindwiped Dr. Light...



mindwipe (plural mindwipes)

  1. (science fiction) The act of mindwiping.
    • 2009, Andrew Terjesen, "Dirty Hands and Dirty Minds: The Ethics of Mind Reading and Mindwriting", in X-Men and Philosophy
      The mindwipe of Magneto is a necessary action and it is also a wrong one, but it appears to be the only way to save the human population from extinction.