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From mini- +‎ me, later popularised by the name of a character in the comedy spy film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999).



mini-me (plural mini-mes)

  1. (chiefly humorous) A person who is a miniature, but otherwise identical, version of a particular person.
    • 1999, Tony Karon, Time, (headline), 9 Aug 1999:
      Now Boris Yeltsin Has His Own 'Mini-Me'.
    • 2005, Sue Richardson, Margot R. Prior, No Time to Lose: The Wellbeing of Australia's Children[1], →ISBN, page 71:
      One motive for procreating is to 'reproduce yourself'—to create a 'mini-me'.
    • 2011, Thomas Penn, Winter King, Penguin 2012, p. 324:
      The latest in the production line of ruthless royal officials, Edward Belknap was cut from Dudley's cloth, a ‘mini-me’ of the most obnoxious variety.


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