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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English mirthful, equivalent to mirth +‎ -ful.


mirthful (comparative mirthfuller or more mirthful, superlative mirthfullest or most mirthful)

  1. Filled with mirth.
    Synonyms: happy, joyful
    Antonym: mirthless
    • 1718, Mat[thew] Prior, “Solomon on the Vanity of the World. A Poem in Three Books.”, in Poems on Several Occasions, London: [] Jacob Tonson [], and John Barber [], →OCLC, book II (Pleasure), page 437:
      [T]he Feaſt was ſerv'd; the Bowl was crown'd; / To the King's Pleaſure went the mirthful Round: []

Derived terms[edit]