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From mis- +‎ guide.



misguide (third-person singular simple present misguides, present participle misguiding, simple past and past participle misguided)

  1. (transitive) To guide poorly or incorrectly; to lead astray or into error.
    Hyponym: misinform
    Synonym: mislead
    • 1895, Henry Maudsley, The Pathology of Mind, page 541:
      On the whole it were better to misguide a child in knowledge, which it can remedy later, than to mistone it in feeling, for which there is no remedy. A jarring note implanted in its nature might spoil the music of its life []
    • 1988, Michael Weikath, "Keeper of the Seven Keys", Helloween, Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part II.
      Will o' the wisps / Misguiding your path / You can't throw a curse / Without takin' their wrath