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From mis- +‎ love.


mislove (third-person singular simple present misloves, present participle misloving, simple past and past participle misloved)

  1. (transitive) To love wrongly, insufficiently, inadequately, or imperfectly.
    • 2002, Charles Burdett, Derek Duncan, Cultural Encounters:
      [] of course, far from new in 1939: it is a staple of the French recit (from Manon Lescaut via Adolphe, Carmen, Sylvie, up to and beyond Gide's own four recits), in which a young man confesses how he loved, misloved, was misloved and lost.
    • 2003, Rebecca Shannonhouse, Under the Influence:
      I do this because as a girl I learned that sex is love from my father, the first dangerous man who sexually misloved me.
    • 2011, Maryse Conde, Crossing the Mangrove:
      We shall greet the new face of tomorrow and I shall say to this daughter of mine: "I gave birth to you, but I misloved you."