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From mix +‎ -ling. Compare German Mischling (hybrid, mongrel, half-breed).


mixling (plural mixlings)

  1. One who is of mixed ethnic or racial background; a hybrid; a cross-breed.
    • 2000, Michael H. Kater, Doctors Under Hitler:
      Wagner unflinchingly believed that not the least objective of the Nuremberg clauses was "to make the mixed race, which is politically and biologically unwanted, disappear as soon as possible, for a mixling can never be a patriot."
    • 2010, Marlies Bugmann, Wafters, Frazzlers & Black Unicorns:
      Yet there have been incidences where it was thought that a mixling's duplicate had been so strong that, although duplication took place during equinox, it had remained the dominant figure during the whole of the mixling's life.
    • 2012, Janis Susan May, Inheritance of Shadows:
      While there are some who think it odd that a mixling Melph soldier should be able to read, let them rest assured that there are more who can than are known.