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Alternative forms[edit]


From Afrikaans moegoe and Camtho moegoe. Further etymology uncertain.



moegoe (plural moegoes)

  1. (South Africa, derogatory) An idiot, a fool; a country bumpkin.
    • 1979, André Brink, A Dry White Season, Vintage 1998, p. 180:
      ‘Gordon is dead. He belongs to us. What's this mugu got to do with him?’
    • 2002, Kgafela Oa Magogodi, Mail & Guardian, 1 Nov 2002:
      Legend has it that it was the year he spent in Alex that altered the young Madiba from a rural moegoe to a township clever.
    • 2004, Herman Mills, Best Mountain Bike Rides in South Africa (page 25)
      This is my backyard and l don't necessarily want a whole bunch of moegoes banging along a mountain l've known since my barefoot boerseun days.