molluscum contagiosum

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From Latin inflected forms of molluscus (soft), + contagiosus (contagious) (from contagio (contact)).


molluscum contagiosum (uncountable)

  1. (dermatology, pathology) A viral infection of the skin or (occasionally) mucous membranes, caused by Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV), a DNA poxvirus.
    • 2002, Mark B. Mengel, Warren Lee Holleman, Scott A. Fields, Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, page 774,
      The virus causing molluscum contagiosum is a member of the DNA pox family. It is particularly prevalent in underdeveloped countries, and afflicts over 20% of the population in some South Pacific regions. Children are its prime target, but adults can be affected as well.
    • 2002, Richard B Birrer, Mary B. Cataletto, Pediatric Sports Medicine for Primary Care, page 156,
      Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection caused by the large poxvirus, and, as the name implies, it is spread by direct contact. In older adolescents and adults, it is most often passed by sexual contact.
    • 2003, George Laskaris, Color Atlas of Oral Diseases, page 154,
      Molluscum contagiosum is a benign lesion usually seen on the skin and caused by a poxvirus. [] An increased incidence of molluscum contagiosum has been observed in patients with HIV infection. [] Molluscum contagiosum is extremely rare in the oral cavity.
    • 2010, Libby Edwards, Peter J. Lynch, Genital Dermatology Atlas, page 203,
      It has been estimated that in the United States, office visits for molluscum contagiosum account for about 0.2% of total outpatient visits (22).

Usage notes[edit]

Although technically the name of a disease, the term is occasionally (loosely) used to refer to the virus, properly called Molluscum contagiosum virus.



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