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monophysite (plural monophysites)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of Monophysite
    • 1880, The Qurʼân, translated by Edward Henry Palmer, in Sacred Books of the East, by Max Müller, editor ; The Clarendon Press ; vol. 6, p. ⅹⅳ :
      Christianity had already established itself in Arabia. In Yemen, the city of Nagrân had become the seat of a Christian bishopric, and some of the more important tribes, like Kindeh and Ghassân, had embraced Christianity, which was also the religion of most of the Arabs of Syria.
      But it had not penetrated deeply into their hearts, and its miracles, its doctrine of the Trinity, and the subtle disputes of monophysites and monothelites were absolutely incomprehensible to them.

Coordinate terms[edit]


monophysite (comparative more monophysite, superlative most monophysite)

  1. Describing the beliefs of a Μonophysite.
    • 1957, H. A. L. Fisher, A history of Europe, Edward Arnold publishers, page 135:
      It followed that however orthodox the Emperor might desire to be, he was forced, if he was a wise man, to take account of the strong bodies of monophysite opinion, which were to be found in Constantinople, in Mesopotamia, in Syria and in Egypt.




monophysite m (plural monophysites)

  1. monophysite

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