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mood +‎ -scape


moodscape (plural moodscapes)

  1. A figurative landscape of moods or emotions.
    • 1999, Artbyte (volume 2)
      Dynamic typography reinvigorates the storytelling genre by anthropomorphizing fonts, defibrillating calligraphy, creating rhythmic, ambient moodscapes without sacrificing speed or lushness.
    • 2001, Peter Craven, The best Australian essays 2001 (page 287)
      She was an artist and photographer - the house was hung with her vast red moodscapes - and as she led us on an impromptu tour of the rooms she spoke of 'destiny' and 'serendipitous unions'.
    • 2002, James Shane, The Laws of Life (page 620)
      Every enchanting mist, one hundred thousand crystal bullets of rain, sparkling dew, glistening stream, fragrant moodscapes of the rainforest are all His handiwork.
    • 2005, Robin Holloway, On Music: Essays and Diversions (page 196)
      A list of 'ingredients' for both completed symphonies can still be disconcerting; such discrepant sources — thumbnail sketches of friends or pets, landscapes and moodscapes, city lights and shadows, grief personal and ceremonial []