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moonbat +‎ -y


moonbatty (comparative more moonbatty, superlative most moonbatty)

  1. (informal, derogatory) Crazy or wacky, especially in one's left-wing ideas.
    • 2008 October 27, Gisele, “5th Season Stargate Atlantis - Outsiders - 5 star poll - SPOILERS AHOY !”, in, Usenet:
      Holy cow! You ARE drinking the kool-aid!!!!
    • 2014 May 17, BurfordTJustice, “Organic Farming Makes No Sense”, in uk.politics.misc, Usenet:
      Organic farming, like all things moonbatty, flatters the moral vanity of liberals. Also like all things moonbatty, it is pernicious - even according to liberal values
    • 2017 January 31, Travel, “Fun With T-Rump's Speech”, in, Usenet:
      It looks like, because they're so moonbatty at the EPA, that Trump's going to, have to, fire at the EPA all the way down to the steno pool.
    • 2017 September 29, Danny Westneat, “He knows it's crazy, but this Seattle guy is pushing a total ban on gas cars”, in Seattle Times:
      Seattle lawyer Matthew Metz sat in his office Friday morning, clicking through hundreds of online comments indirectly calling him, or his ideas, loony, “moonbatty” and commie-style meddling in the American way.

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