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From moon +‎ bat, first used in the 1940s by the science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein, then used in the term "barking moonbat" coined in 1999 by Perry de Havilland of “The Libertarian Samizdata”, a right-libertarian weblog. This originally referred to both left-wing and right-wing crazy people.[1] Sometimes wrongly claimed to be a corruption of Monbiot (from George Monbiot, British environmentalist and Guardian columnist).[2]


moonbat (plural moonbats)

  1. (pejorative) A liberal (someone with a left-wing ideology).
    • 2005, Malkin, Michele, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, Washington, DC: Regnery, ISBN 9781596981874, page 108:
      So, what do moonbat professors do when they're not attacking military recruiters, the Bush administration, cameramen, and College Republicans?
    • 2006 May 11, Boehlert, Eric, Lapdogs: How the Press Lay Down for the Bush White House, New York: Free Press, ISBN 9780743299169, page 216:
      As nervous Bush supporters watched the president's approval rating slide, they unleashed their wrath on Sheehan, labeling the mourning mom a “crazy,” “anti-Semite,” “left-wing moonbat,” “crackpot” whose behavior bordered on “treasonous” and who was nothing more than a “hysterical noncombatant.”
    • 2009 October 13, Eubanks, Steve, Downforce, New York: Harper, ISBN 9780061743467, page 255:
      Your job is to separate the media from the moonbats before some industrious cub reporter starts looking into our land deal.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:moonbat.


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