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Etymology 1[edit]


mopy (comparative mopier, superlative mopiest)

  1. Alternative spelling of mopey
    • 1879, United States. Department of Agriculture, Investigation of diseases of swine, and infectious and contagious diseases incident to other classes of domesticated animals, page 171-172:
      In all those cases where the hog is mopy and chilly looking I would, after the first stage of lowering the pulse has passed, recommend a teacupful of a strong infusion of the leaves of dogwood or the same quantity of a strong cold infusion of boneset.
    • 1891, May A. Brotherhood, Three Midsummer Days, page 225:
      She's that altered, nothing interests her; and she's so pale and mopy looking, always going down to the cemetery.
    • 2010, Sarah Bruce Kelly, Jazz Girl, page 6:
      And because I was so quiet and mopy my stepdaddy Winn would get great kicks out of tickling me till I almost had a spasm.

Etymology 2[edit]

Blend of MOP +‎ copy, acronym of "multiple original prints".



mopy (third-person singular simple present mopies, present participle mopying, simple past and past participle mopied)

  1. To print more than one copy of a document using a computer printer rather than printing one original and copying it with a separate machine.
    • 1996 November 11, Noor Amal, “Why copy when you can mopy”, in New Straits Times[1], page 18:
      Mopy is a term HP [Hewlett-Packard] has coined to talk about a new paradigm to address the current printing/coping[sic] trend. Mopying is a term describing the process of creating multiple original prints, or "mopies" on a laser printer.
    • 2001 November 17, Robert Uhlig, “Boom in email puts paper use up by 40pc”, in Telegraph[2]:
      [] "mopying" - making a document and copying it many times - had become common.
    • 2003 September 17, Juhi Bhambal, “Printing Solutions”, in PCQuest[3]:
      Some offer a function called mopying. Instead of printing one original and then making copies on a copying machine, you get several originals of the document (or high-quality copies).


mopy (plural mopies)

  1. One of the multiple original copies printed from a single original.
    • 1998, Computer Systems Series: Peripherals, page 22:
      Some people value the crisp appearance of mopies or find it time- consuming to operate both printers and copiers.
    • 1999, Publish!: The How-to Magazine of Desktop Publishing:
      Hewlett-Packard says that the LaserJet was also the first printer that could print multiple original documents (now known as mopies), and was the first personal laser printer to hit the 1,200-dpi resolution barrier.
    • 1999, Business India - Issues 544-549, (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 73:
      So printing mopies (multiple original prints) is now a reality.