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Alternative forms[edit]


mope +‎ -y



mopey (comparative mopier, superlative mopiest)

  1. Given to moping; in a depressed condition, low in spirits; lackadaisical.
    • 1888, Charlotte M. Yonge, Beechcroft at Rockstone, ch. 14:
      [T]hat is partly owing . . . to young Alexis having been desultory and mopy of late—not taking the interest in his music he did.
    • 1917, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams, ch. 11:
      He got mopy and melancholy, and couldn't or wouldn't work.
    • 2003, Michael Kinsley, "Why Bush Angers Liberals," Time, 13 Oct.:
      In the 1980s, liberals nursed the fear that we really might be dwelling in an irrelevant cul-de-sac outside of the majority American culture. That kept us sullen and mopey.