mosaic gold

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mosaic gold (uncountable)

  1. Powdered stannic sulfide (SnS2) used as a pigment in gilding
    • 1939, Gardner Dexter Hiscox, Fortunes in formulas, for home, farm, and workshop[1], page 140:
      Mosaic gold, generally a compound of tin, 64.63 parts, and sulphur, 35.37 parts, is odorless and tasteless, and dissolves only in chlorine solution, aqua regia, and boiling potash lye. It is employed principally for bronzing plaster-of-Paris figures, copper, and brass, by mixing it with 6 parts of bone ashes, rubbing it on wet, or applying it with varnish or white of egg in the preparation of gold paper or for gilding cardboard and wood.