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mosk (plural mosks)

  1. Archaic form of mosque.
    • 1846, Henry Keppel, The Expedition to Borneo[1], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2007:
      Should the English hoist their flag here, a new factory must be erected; the most eligible situation for which would be where the mosk now stands, or the mosk itself might be converted into one, and another rebuilt elsewhere; but to this the sultan has insuperable objections. In an English fort, to think to have a mosk open to the ingress of a large body of Malays at all times is wholly incompatible with a certain reserve and security required from it.
    • 1900, Richard F. Burton, Supplement Nights to The Book of the Thousand And One Nights, Vol 6[2], Online edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2002:
      Then I left the mosk and began to promenade the quarters and the streets ...


West Frisian[edit]


mosk c

  1. sparrow