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musca (a fly)


From a Proto-Indo-European root *mus-, *mu-, *mew-. Cognates with the Sanskrit मशक (maśáka), Old Church Slavonic моуха (muxa), and the Ancient Greek μυῖα (muîa, a fly) of which μυἱσκα (mhuiska) may be a diminutive form. Confer the German Mücke (mosquito) and English midge, midget and mosquito (the latter is from Spanish, and it is a diminutive of mosca, from musca).



musca f (genitive muscae); first declension

  1. a fly (insect)
    Puer, abige muscas.
    Repel those flies, boy.
  2. (transferred meaning) an inquisitive or prying people


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative musca muscae
genitive muscae muscārum
dative muscae muscīs
accusative muscam muscās
ablative muscā muscīs
vocative musca muscae

Derived terms[edit]



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musca f

  1. definite singular nominative and accusative form of muscă.