mosquito bite

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From mosquito + bite.


mosquito bite (plural mosquito bites)

  1. The result of a mosquito bite; characteristically a visible bump of inflamed skin, together with a sensation of irritation (itchiness).
  2. (less commonly) The event of a mosquito bite.
    • 2002, Jacqueline Stanley, Essentials of Immunology & Serology, Cengage Learning, ISBN 978-0-7668-1064-8, page 403:
      From there, the cycle may be initiated once again when the sporozoites are released into the blood stream during a mosquito bite.
  3. (chiefly in the plural, slang, potentially offensive) A small breast on a woman.
    • 2008, Kate Willoughby, A Wolf at Her Door, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, ISBN 1419918079, page 46:
      Well, Adam didn’t seem to have a problem with the size of her breasts. Paige had found that if a guy was thrown by her mosquito bites, he’d do one of two things.