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The M3 / M25 motorway interchange in Surrey, England


motor +‎ way



motorway (plural motorways)

  1. (Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, parts of Australia) A broad highway designed for high speed traffic, having restrictions on the vehicle types permitted and merging lanes instead of cross traffic; in parts of the United States and other places called freeway (or simply highway in other parts of the United States).
    • 1895 October, “Real Estate”, in California Banker's Magazine, page 429:
      All the R. R.'s of America will have to be furnished with a biking way and a motor way on each side of the rails.
    • 1913 September 20, Good Roads, page 137:
      Work of constructing the Texas Motorway, a stone highway which when completed will extend from Fort Worth to Del Rio, Tex., a distance of 500 miles, has been commenced and a section between 18 and 20 miles long running out from Glenrose, the county seat of Somervell County, has been completed.
    • 1925 December, C. L. Norton, “Our Industrial Highways”, in Trade Winds, volume 4, number 10:
      It is presumed that in the working out of the program the motor trucks will automatically have the major use of the local low-speed highways paralleling the motorway.




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