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Sorbus aucuparia
Eucalyptus regnans


mountain ash (usually uncountable, plural mountain ashes)

  1. (botany) Any of several trees in the genus Sorbus in North America.
    • 1974, William M. Healy, Shrubs and Vines for Northeastern Wildlife, Issues 6-10, page 99,
      All three mountain-ashes are shrubs of climax and subclimax northern coniferous forest communities, along with speckled alder, Labrador tea, mountain and red maples, yellow birch, and bunchberry.
    • 2008, Elna Fone Nugent, Mountain Ash: A New England Memoir, page 30,
      To the front left of the house, just up from the sidewalk, was a mountain ash tree. Before I was born, Gramma Moody, planted the mountain ash tree there.
    • 2011, Ruth Sims, The Legend of the Mountain Ash, unnumbered page,
      In the hills of Appalachia, in a cove that no living man will ever find, is a Mountain Ash unlike any other in the world.
  2. (UK) The European species Sorbus aucuparia, commonly known as rowan or more specifically European rowan.
  3. A tree native to southeastern Australia, Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest of all flowering plants.
    • 2002, Brendan Mackey, David Lindenmayer, Malcolm Gill, Michael McCarthy, Janette Lindesay (editors), Wildlife, Fire and Future Climate: A Forest Ecosystem Analysis, page 42,
      McCarthy and Lindenmayer (1998) developed a model of the development of multi-aged Mountain Ash forest in response to fire. The model predicted the prevalence of multi-aged Mountain Ash forest as a function of the mean fire interval.
  4. A Texan ash tree species, Fraxinus texensis.

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Genus Sorbus also includes trees commonly known as whitebeam, rowan, and service tree.


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