mountain dew

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So called because it was often illicitly distilled among the mountains.


mountain dew (uncountable)

  1. (Southern US, Ireland) Illegally distilled whiskey.
    • 1837 November, "Leistering Salmon by Torch-Light", in New Sporting Magazine, Vol. XIII, No. 79, page 310.
      (...) and a big-bellied bottle of old whiskey — for there is nothing like mountain-dew taken internally for resisting the effects of night mists.
    • 1870s or 1870s, George Etell Sargent, The Story of a City Arab, Religious Tract Society, page 387.
      How they were employed was manifest from the strong perfume of tobacco and mountain dew (illicit whisky) which, striking upon me as I entered, almost overpowered my senses, (...)