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From mount +‎ -ing.


  • IPA(key): /ˈmaʊntɪŋ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -aʊntɪŋ


mounting (not comparable)

  1. (Should we delete(+) this sense?) That continues to mount; steadily rising or accumulating.
    mounting debts
    steadily mounting losses
    • 1864 September 30, E. M. W., “Education of the Freedmen”, in The Liberator, volume 34, number 40, Boston, page 160:
      The pupils display great eagerness for knowledge and facility of acquisition. [] No severity of discipline is used or required; the threat of expulsion from the privileges of instruction being sufficient to tame the most mounting spirit.
    • 1962 October, “Talking of Trains: The collisions at Connington”, in Modern Railways, page 232:
      About three or four minutes later still an express freight on the up main line ran into the wreckage at about 35 m.p.h. Its engine also overturned and 15 more wagons were added to the mounting pile of wreckage.




  1. present participle and gerund of mount


mounting (plural mountings)

  1. Something mounted; an attachment.
    • 2021, Gerald Sherwood, Bomber Command Pilot:
      That particular plane must have hit an obstruction that ripped its undercarriage right off its mountings, to leave it suspended beneath.
  2. The act of one who mounts.
    • 1834, John Dunmore Lang, An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales:
      The stage we had now commenced was eighteen miles in length; but the frequent mountings and dismountings, to climb or to descend the rocky sides of the mountains, made it appear much longer.

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