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murder +‎ hobo


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murderhobo (plural murderhobos or murderhoboes)

  1. (roleplaying games, derogatory or humorous) A character who wanders the gameworld, unattached to any community, indiscriminately killing and looting.
    • 2017, Jason Paul McCartan, Through Dungeons Deeper: A Survival Guide for Dungeoneers as Written by a Survivor[1], page 99:
      Know that you're not going to be the only group of murderhobos out there though, and there's an increasing chance that you may run into others the more dungeons you explore.
    • 2019, Drew Sleep, “Minecraft”, in Retro Gamer UK, number 200, page 100:
      Grab some stone, craft a sword and go on, be a murderhobo.
    • 2021 September 16, Brenden Bobby, “Roll d20 for consent”, in Reader, Sandpoint, Idaho, page 14:
      Maybe you joined a new group expecting a heavy role-playing experience, just to discover the rest of the party was a group of murderhobos with their hearts set on loot and plunder.
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murderhobo (third-person singular simple present murderhobos, present participle murderhoboing, simple past and past participle murderhoboed)

  1. (roleplaying games, derogatory slang, intransitive) To act like a murderhobo: to wander a gameworld indiscriminately killing and looting.

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