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murder +‎ hobo


murderhobo (plural murderhobos)

  1. (role-playing games, slang) A player character who wanders the game world widely, has no ties or obligations, and approaches most obstacles violently.
    • 2011, celebrityomnipath, "I poke it with my 10 foot pole...",, [1]
      There's always vacancies in the murderhobo sector.
    • 2013, halloweenjack, "Best Murderhobo story you've got", /r/Pathfinder_RPG, [2]
      All it would take would be a few bad rolls for that knife-wielding cultist to seriously fuck up your party, and you don't know ahead of time whether or not they can be parleyed with. A murderhobo would have killed her even if she'd dropped the knife and pleaded for her life.
    • 2013, Telok, "What people like about 4e.",, [3]
      This means that there are actual dice benefits to doing good deeds (and boasting about them) and being a faithful believer. I find that this puts some brakes on the anonymous murder hobo attitude most D&D games seem to turn into.
    • 2014, Alex Augunas, "Guidance – GMing 101: Murder Hobos", Know Direction, [4]
      For some games, like Legend of Zelda, being a murder hobo isn't all that bad. The enjoyment from the game comes from dungeon delving and part of the Legend of Zelda mythos is that Link is this sort of nameless hero who rises to the occasion to fight evil.