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muscled up (comparative more muscled up, superlative most muscled up)

  1. Having large, well-developed muscles.
    • 2001 Sept, “Good Hurlers are Born with Pitching Ability”, in Baseball Digest, 60(9): 74:
      "It's almost like guys who throw hard have to be born with a certain kind of body. They're tall and slender like Kevin Brown or Randy Johnson. They're strong, don't get me wrong, but they're not all muscled up."
    • 1983 (Jan 17), Julia Vitullo-Martin, "Back in the Saddle Again", New York Magazine 16(3): 51
      "We've got to get the guys muscled up first," explains Byrnes, "or somebody's back will go out when we canter."
    • 2005, Matt de la Peña, Ball Don't Lie, page 224:
      He slips the clean shirt over his muscled-up black shoulders. Takes his shoes and socks off and slides his feet into Nike sandals.
    • 2007, Jim Dent, Twelve Mighty Orphans, page 228:
      The crowd groaned when the muscled-up, raw-boned Paris boys stopped the Mites once more on fourth down, just inches from the goal.
    • 2008, Terrence Real, The New Rules of Marriage, page 35:
      Bob is short, bald, and muscled up, with a thick neck and huge biceps and thighs.

Alternative forms[edit]


muscled up

  1. simple past and past participle of muscle up