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music +‎ disk; they were originally distributed on floppy disk.



musicdisk (plural musicdisks)

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  1. (demoscene) A collection of music tracks composed on a computer and packaged with custom-written player software.
    • 1993, "Frans Bouma", Demolist 3/5 - 7/5 (on newsgroup bit.listserv.i-amiga)
      ok that's it for this week. Next week I'll get more and better designed musicdisks than this week. If you have a remark or suggestion for this list, don't hesitate but mail me directly.
    • 2005, Tamás Polgár, Freax: the brief history of the demoscene: Volume 1
      The NoName musicdisk, arranged by five musicians — Oxbow, Vegard, Laxical and Daddy Freddy — was the first chiptune musicdisk ever.