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Contraction of mutually exclusive or mutual exclusion.



mutex (plural mutexes)

  1. (programming) An object in a program that serves as a lock, used to negotiate mutual exclusion among threads.
    • 2004, Mark Schmidt, Simon Robinson, Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003, Sams Publishing, →ISBN, page 632:
      The ability to set a maximum waiting time provides another reason why in some circumstances, you might prefer to use a mutex rather than a lock statement.

Derived terms[edit]



mutex (third-person singular simple present mutexes, present participle mutexing, simple past and past participle mutexed)

  1. (programming, transitive) To apply a mutex to.
    • 2002, Steve Connet, “Re: best way to interrupt a select() call in a (POSIX) thread?”, in comp.programming.threads (Usenet):
      Or you can have a single pipe that is mutexed so each thread can only write to the pipe exclusively. Alternatively, you can have each thread put the finished fd in a globally mutexed list.