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myrmeco- +‎ -phobia


myrmecophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of ants.
    • 2001 January 30, R Fontana, “Re: nat”, in alt.usage.english, Usenet[1]:
      Ants are a special kind of bug. I think they are easily squashed by the foot; I'm sure I've unintentionally squashed a number of them with my feet in my adult life, and when I was a young child I believe I used to squash an occasional ant either for sport or more likely as a reaction to some feeling of myrmecophobia.
    • 2007, Claire Cook, Life's a Beach, Hyperion (2007), →ISBN, page 134:
      Possibly it was fear of ants, which by the way, is myrmecophobia.
    • 2011 July 9, Max, “Re: Reviews On Roadtrek Motorhomes?”, in rec.outdoors.rv-travel, Usenet[2]:
      My wife suffers from myrmecophobia. I've spread enough toxic substances to turn our property into a superfund site.