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myso- +‎ -philia



mysophilia (uncountable)

  1. A sexual dependency on something soiled or filthy, usually a kind of undergarment after use.
    • 1963: National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (U.S.), The Psychoanalytic Review, p272
      While here filthiness is seemingly a consequence of the fear of being soiled, it is in our cases a consciously wished for situation which might be similar to mysophilia within the psychosexual infantility.
    • 1988: Dennis M. Dailey, The Sexually Unusual: Guide to Understanding and Helping, p17
      Mysophilia, for example, can probably only be an erotic turn-on when it is possible for people to be clean, which is something that has been possible only in comparatively recent times.
    • 2003: Richard W Roukema, MD, What Every Patient, Family, Friend, and Caregiver Needs to Know About Psychiatry, p133
      These paraphilias include coprophilia (preoccupation with feces), urophilia (preoccupation with urine), mysophilia (preoccupation with unclean surroundings)…

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