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myso- +‎ -phile



mysophile (plural mysophiles)

  1. (sexuality) One with a sexual dependency on something soiled or filthy, usually a kind of underwear or feminine products after use.
    • 1936: Magnus Hirschfeld, Sexual Anomalies and Perversions: Physical and Psychological Development and Treatment, p431
      Yes, I am a mysophile. In my imagination I loiter at places where there is filth, mud, and decaying things, places where it stinks. I also wear my underwear until it stinks and becomes very dirty.
    • 1949: Wilhelm Stekel, Compulsion and Doubt: (Zwang und Zweifel), p355
      Ethel is a mysophile. She derives her gratification from the dirt in which she is living.

Related terms[edit]