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From nāve (death) +‎ -inieks.


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nāvinieks m (1st declension, feminine form: nāviniece)

  1. (man) condemned to death
    nāvinieku kameradeath row (lit. cell of those condemned to death)
    uzraugi slēdza vaļā blakus kameras durvis... tā bija nāvinieku kamera, pēdējā pajumte pirms aiziešanas beigu gaitāthe guards closed the cell door... it was the cell of those condemned to death, the last shelter before going beyond the end of the course
    koncentrācijas nometnē Mežaparkā atrada divus uzrakstus, ko ilgi nevarēja saburtot... vēlāk noskaidrojās, ka nāvinieku sveicieni rakstīti ungāriski!in the concentration camp in Mežaparks (they) found two inscription that they couldn't decipher for a long time... later it became clear that (the inscriptions) were greetings to those condemned to death, written in Hungarian!
  2. a man who is threatened by death, who is going to die; someone (e.g., a soldier) who knowingly performs a task involving his own death or a considerable risk of dying
    te bija nocietinājušies vācu fašistiskie nāvinieki, kuri fanātiski pildīja fīrera pavēli: ne soli atpakaļhere were the hardened German fascist death batallions, who fanatically carried out the Führer's orders: not a step back!


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