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Etymology 1[edit]

see narc



  1. simple past tense and past participle of narc
Usage notes[edit]
  • Frequently constructed as "narced on" or "narced out."

Etymology 2[edit]

from nitrogen narcosis


narced (comparative more narced, superlative most narced)

  1. (underwater diving) Exhibiting impaired judgment while scuba diving due to nitrogen narcosis.
    On his first dive, Ralph got really narced, and thought he was turning into a sea turtle.
    • 1996: Karen Burge, (was: will you get narced?) maybe...maybe not in rec.scuba
      While doing a test in a chamber to assess the pressure at which one will get narced seems like a great idea, it is not necessarily an indicator of who will get narced at what depth.
    • 1998: Ray Jones, Narcosis in bit.listserv.scuba-l
      There has been only one time that I felt narced and strangley it was in 127 of water.
    • 2003:, uglymoney, Narcosis at 110? in rec.scuba
      All went well. However I am absolutely convinced that I was narced.