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narcose (third-person singular simple present narcoses, present participle narcosing, simple past and past participle narcosed)

  1. (transitive, rare) To place in a state of narcosis; to narcotize.
    • 1936, Alice Hamilton, Recent Changes in the Painters' Trade, page 52:
      He then used only 1,250 p. p. m., and although none died, four out of five were depressed and irritated or narcosed.
    • 2016, Neelam Garg, Microbes in Food and Health, page 85:
      The extracts of these plants are being used in folklore medicine. Metabolites belonging to different chemical classes have been identified as antifungal agents and in chemical narcosing of fish.


narcose (plural narcoses)

  1. (obsolete, rare) The state of being under narcosis; unconsciousness.
    • 1889, Journal of Materia Medica, volume 27, page 141:
      Persons affected with an idiosyncrasy against this particular substance, and neurasthenic sufferers may easily be seized with a vomituritive tendency after the expiration of the narcose []
    • 1892, William H. Steele, 567 Useful Hints for the Busy Dentist, page 199:
      If, then, all anæsthetists would insist upon complete anæsthesis before even the simplest operation was proceeded with, we should hear less frequently of the fatal results of “a few whiffs,” when death is not really due to the use of the anaesthetic, but to the shock consequent upon its not being pushed far enough before the narcose.
    • 1893, Journal of the British Dental Association, volume 14, page 179:
      Chloroform was administered so as to obtain a relaxation of the muscles without producing a complete narcose.



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narco- +‎ -ose



narcose f (plural narcoses)

  1. (medicine, pathology) narcosis

Derived terms[edit]


  • Turkish: narkoz