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naso- +‎ ileal = naso- +‎ ileum +‎ -al


IPA(key): ˌneɪzoʊˈɪliəl


nasoileal (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Of or pertaining to a route through the nose into the ileum, usually with reference to a feeding tube as the route of administration of enteral nutrition.
    • 2012, “The effect of lipid droplet size on satiety and peptide secretion is intestinal site–specific”, in Clinical Nutrition, volume 31, number 4, DOI:10.1016/j.clnu.2011.12.003, PMID 22217980, pages 535-542:
      In a randomized single-blind crossover study 15 healthy volunteers received, after intubation with a nasoileal tube, 4 different treatments on 4 consecutive days.

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